Monday, July 17, 2017

Triggers, Deal With Them!!!

The triggers come from out of nowhere and take your breath away! Something as simple as opening a window, ugh!! First I can't breathe and then tears flooding down my face! "Lord, please help!" All I was trying to do was open a window! But, suddenly it hit me the window is behind the Christmas tree that I have kept up in the living room since before Bud's last Christmas here with us! I realized that I had not opened the window since the Lisle's brought us that tree in December 2014. It is a pre-lit tree that I kept the lights on every night for Bud to enjoy. I still turn them on every day.  I have come to accept that those triggers are just part of the huge love I have been given being mommama to such a precious blessing from God. You can never prepare yourself for them, you just have to deal with them as they appear!