Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Trisomy Journey

As I sit and read another Trisomy Miracle has gone to heaven I realize this pain can only be compared to the love The Lord has for us. It is so uncompromising and unconditional. We fight for them from before they are born and even after they take their last breath we fight for their memories. We continue to live only because we have no choice. I know that God still has work for me to do since I am still breathing. I try to keep smiling and living each day to share the love and grace God has shown to me through my life to those I encounter on my journey. I would not change a second of the Trisomy Journey God blessed me with. Children are such a blessing from God. I have always known this, but, having my Trisomy Miracle now in heaven with his three siblings and niece has made me realize even more the treasures God gives us when he blesses us with children no matter what they look or act like on earth. May we all realize the treasures we are to The Lord and help others to realize how valuable All life is!