Sunday, April 16, 2017


When my youngest baby boy Bud went home on Easter weekend 2015, I thought of course! What other weekend would be more perfect. I always knew he was such a perfect example of God's love for us while he was here on earth.
He always showed so much love and compassion for others. 
He never liked to see pictures of himself unless there was someone else in the picture. He always pointed out the other person and was so happy to see them. No matter what a person did, he always loved them and was excited to see them and give them love. 
I felt, as most Mothers would, I had to protect him from harm. I fought for his life from the moment of conception until his final breath and continue to fight for his memory and all the SALOs (Specially Abled Loved Ones) of the world every day. 

As I had been coming up to another Easter I thought it would maybe be easier this year. I made it through last Easter and surely since this Easter was not the actual same date as when he went to heaven, I should be better than the first two Easters right? Well, I was wrong. I knew from that very first Easter without him that God had given me a deeper understanding of what He had done for us by giving His Son for us. I realized this Easter that my connection to The Lord is deepening with every moment I breathe. How can this world not see the sacrifice He made and acknowledge Him in their lives. How can it be reduced to a bunny and an egg. 
My heart aches for my son and aches even more every day for the sacrifice of God's Son for each and every one of us. May we never forget what God gave for us.