Thursday, March 24, 2016

Don't Just Survive, Thrive

I have been through every emotion feeling stress or trauma all of caring for a Specially-Abled Loved One. I've tried counseling. I've tried all the medications they wanted me to do. I have tried positive thinking, I've left it to The Lord to help me to get through it and He did. He got me through. With His help I survived every single bit of it. I survived the different side effects of everything that was or wasn't done. I've survived all the side effects of the medications the Doctors have put me on and switched over and over with little or no improvement at all. I have been told there is “No Magic Pill”! Every single person is different. I know for the longest time I did not do any medication or anything due to not wanting them to have any effect on my caring for Bud. Then I finally gave into doing medications when I felt I wasn’t giving him the best of me {Even though deep down I knew I was doing all I could}!! I went through several different changes in medications, again with little to NO positive changes. Also having to take additional medications due to side effects of medications. I have finally reached a point where I am finally feeling like I want to survive, I want to live and share my story. I've never felt that I had a life also and that I needed to share my life as well with people. I have now for the last Almost 3 weeks been doing something called the Thrive Experience and I have got to tell you that I feel like I am finally thriving in life even with and since the loss of the one of my living children, the things I truly feel God gave me to get me through life, and to experience God’s love for me on earth. Caring for Bud, the joys, the tragedies, the traumas and everything that we have to go through in being a parent of a Specially-Abled child or loved one. I so want to continue sharing and I pray that I can help everybody out there to Thrive through everything that we have to deal with in life. I know God gave me so much joy in Bud and everything that we did and kept me going through it and then once I lost him I had to find something else to do. My two other living children are grown adults but i still want them to see a happier and healthier me. Please please please let me know if anybody would like to talk to me at all. I am here for any prayers, questions and concerns. Any help, even just talking to as a friend through what you're going through. Considering I've been there I would love to be able to do all I can. All my love and I know Bud’s is here with me too. Thank you for reading. May God bless and keep us all safe and healthy as we follow His path.

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